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Seattle in pictures: Capitol Hill, Pike Place, Pioneer Square

June 29, 2015

It’s rare that I get to play tourist in my own city; rarer, still, that I go out with my camera. For some reason, I reserve it for “special” occasions—times when I’m on a trip, out doing something I wouldn’t normally do, in a place I wouldn’t normally be.

I think there’s another reason, too, why I’m not often out in my city with a camera; while I’m not afraid to look like a tourist someplace else, some proud part of me doesn’t want to be seen as a tourist in my town.

Where does this silly pride come from? If anything, going out and exploring Seattle with a camera in hand gets me to see it through different eyes. How often do I fail to appreciate that I live in an amazing place, surrounded by beautiful nature and architecture, just as rich with interesting places to explore as many of the other places I go?

Now I feel as if I owe Seattle an apology—as if, on some level, I’ve failed to appreciate it in the way it deserves. So, here goes nothing:

Seattle, I’m sorry for failing to see your beauty as often as I should. I promise to go out with my camera more often, and I promise to appreciate you (and the fact that I get to live here), more. I’m lucky to call you home.

Love, me.

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