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Reykjavik Recommendations

January 14, 2015

A friend was recently asking me where we went in Reykjavik and what our favorite spots were. I had a lot of fun looking back through pictures and revisiting all the things we did, and thought the information might be useful for anyone who’s thinking on taking their own trip to the city. To this day, Iceland remains one of my favorite places, and everyone I know who’s gone to Iceland has come back raving (and saying they can’t wait to return).

Even though we were there for about 5 days, we barely scratched the surface of what there is to do and only saw a small portion of the country. True, we had activity-packed days and accomplished a lot (two photo tours, Icelandic horseback riding, Blue Lagoon, and the Golden Circle, to name a few), but we also had to pass up quite a few ones as well (we didn’t go on a glacier hike, diving, ice wall climbing, hike a volcano, or see the northern lights). Yet, you can do all of those things (and more!) while you’re there. It’s truly a magical place.

I’m still dreaming of when I can take my next trip there (hopefully in summer, when the lighting for photography is supposed to be amazing, and the sun shines for almost 24 hours a day). But until then, this list will just have to do!


    • Grillmarket restaurant – amazing steaks, fantastic drinks, really unique ambiance. They serve tasty bread with delicious Icelandic butter and volcanic sea salt. I’ve never been to a restaurant like this one before – it’s just so cool! They serve whale and some other more “exotic” meats like puffin, when it’s in season. You can even make reservations online, hurray!
Reykjavik Recommendations | Destinations Iceland Travel Guides

One of the fancy desserts we got to try at Grillmarket.

    • The Sea Baron – One of our favorite lunch spots while we were there, with hearty, warming portions. Delicious, rustic “lobstersoup” – lobster bisque, served in mugs with hunks of fresh-made bread and plenty of butter. It’s a fairly small place along the harbor near the flea market. Great cheap lunch, and nearby the famous hot dog joint.
    • Baejarins Beztu Pylsur– hot dogs! Some say they’re the best in the world. It’s near to the Sea Baron and the flea market, so worth a mention.
    • Te & Kaffi – great coffee and sweets. They have lots of locations – we went to one along the main road between the Phallological museum and the harbor, on Laugavegur street. Their Swiss “moka” was excellent.
Reykjavik Recommendations | Destinations Iceland Travel Guides

Coffee from ‘Te and Kaffi’.

  • Icelandic Fish and Chips – Can fish and chips be healthy for you? According to this restaurant, it can be! Served with a tasty yogurt sauce which comes in many different flavors.
  • Eldur and Is (ice cream) – I’m cheating a little bit because we didn’t get a chance to go here, but I wish we did! Sadly, we didn’t get the name of the ice cream place our tour guides took us to, but it was delicious. It sounds like this place is very similar.


    • The Icelandic Horse – without a doubt, the best horse riding tours in Reykjavik. They treat their horses tremendously well and are very obviously passionate about what they do. Say hi to Begga for us!
    • Harpa conference center – stunning at night, all the windows change different colors. Reykjavik is pretty walkable, so if you get a chance to go by and take some pictures, I’d definitely recommend it.
Reykjavik Recommendations | Destinations Iceland Travel Guides

Harpa at night

Reykjavik Recommendations | Destinations Iceland Travel Guides

Strand lights at the flea market

    • Blue Lagoon – Simply amazing, and a must-see. It’s a little spendy to get in, but we felt it was worth it for such a unique and relaxing experience.

Reykjavik Recommendations | Destinations Iceland Travel Guides

    • Walking around Reykjavik – It’s such a cute city. There are fun design shops and clothing stores, and it’s really fun to just walk around the harbor and take in the sights.
    • Go on a photography tour – We went on a couple tours with Iceland Aurora (Snaefellsness peninsula and the Golden Circle) and really enjoyed them, especially the photography tips we got along the way.

Reykjavik Recommendations | Destinations Iceland Travel Guides

One of the beautiful waterfalls we got to see on our photo tour

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