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Chicago in pictures: Architecture

May 14, 2015

Last week I traveled to Chicago for the first time.  While my trip was for a work conference, I extended it to do some sightseeing on the side.  How could I not? Friends told me that Chicago has incredible architecture, so it’s no surprise that there are even architecture river cruises put on by the Chicago Architecture Foundation (and, while a little spendy, the tours are led by docents, so they definitely know what they’re talking about.)

Once I was in the city, I could see what my friends meant.  Even just walking around near my hotel, I was astounded by how many incredible buildings there were, from courthouses with Corinthian columns, to soaring, sleek skyscrapers, to art deco masterpieces.  Even the Chicago Tribune building was a work of art, with ornate Gothic details and pieces of different buildings embedded into its facade – even a stone from the Parthenon. (The docent’s wry commentary on the subject: “they were acquired… mostly legally.”)

Here are some of my favorite examples of architecture from the trip. It was difficult narrowing down to only this set of pictures, but I think they do a great job capturing the amazing range of details and styles found throughout the city.

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