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Amsterdam in pictures: The Rijksmuseum

March 23, 2014

In October, we spent a week in Amsterdam after our time in Germany. It’s a magical, romantic, and beautiful city, from the peaceful tree-lined canals to the bustling bicycle rush hour.

We arrived after one of the worst windstorms the city had seen in decades (it took about 6 hours to get back to Amsterdam Centraal from Germany!), with trains and trams delayed by hours and numerous fallen trees along the roads.

Amsterdam (and the Netherlands) are known for their many museums (and the sheer density of them – there are at least 89 in Amsterdam alone).  One of the most magnificent is the grand Rijksmusem, in Museumplein.  It’s dedicated to Dutch history and features art and artifacts created by the Dutch throughout the ages.

We waited in line underneath the Rijksmuseum’s grand archways as pedestrians and bicyclists bustled past.  Once inside, we quickly realized that the museum is practically a work of art in itself, with grand archways, intricately painted columns and motifs along the walls and ceiling, and soaring stained glass windows.  It’s also home to the Rijksmuseum Research Library, which is as beautiful as you’d come to expect from such an impressive museum.

We spent a good 3 hours at the Rijksmuseum, but could have easily stayed longer.  It was an incredible treasure trove; never thinking I was a museum-going type, I surprised myself with how interested I was.

By the end of it, though, we were thirsty, hungry, and had rather sore feet, so we took a break at the museum cafe before heading back out into the light of day.

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