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Affiliate disclosure

Plethora, Etc. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

What is an affiliate link?

When you click an affiliate link and make a purchase, I get paid. The product price is the same regardless of whether you buy through my link or go directly to Amazon or another affiliate.

Why should I use an affiliate link?

You definitely don’t have to! I use affiliate links on my favorite blogs because, well, if I’m going to shop on Amazon anyway, I like to help support the bloggers whose work I like. For example, Ken Rockwell writes a lot of great photography posts. If I decide to buy camera equipment based on his advice, I try to use his links – much like tipping a barista, it’s my way of showing support.

What are the products in affiliate link posts? 

They’re either products I personally own (that I bought with my own money) and love, or ones that I researched myself. 

You’re probably familiar with how long this can take: looking for the best price, then good ratings, reading reviews, making sure the ratings aren’t fake… all that takes time! My goal is save you this time in a trustworthy way. That’s why I’m serious about only recommending things I think you’ll like – that means I have to like it myself and it has to be high quality.

Do the companies in affiliate link posts pay you to write about their products?

No – as mentioned above, they’re items I own (and purchased with my own money) or researched extensively. I’m never compensated by the product manufacturers.

If I’m writing about a product I’ve received or if I receive any other compensation from a company, that’s considered sponsorship and it will be explicitly marked as a sponsored post. :)

For sponsors

I’d like to become an affiliate or sponsor!

Awesome! I’m interested in working with travel, food, or lifestyle-related brands that are a good fit and whose products are right for my readers. Shoot me a line and let’s chat. :)

Why don’t you have banner ads?

Because I don’t like them. :)

Have another question about affiliates and sponsors? Want to become an affiliate or sponsor for Plethora, Etc.? Hit me up and let’s talk more!